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Hailu Yohannes was born and raised with two sisters and five brothers in a good manner of Ethiopian Orthodox Christian belief in eastern part of Ethiopia where Islam religion is the majority. As a clergy family member he grew up following and keeping his parent’s religious linage, along with his five brothers where they served once as deacons. His Orthodox background helped him fear the Lord and opened the door for his salvation.

Hailu accepted Christ as his personal Savior and Lord back in 1989. A year after his conversion, he began serving the Lord in a high school Christian fellowship. After graduating from high school, he was called and ordained in his home Church for a full time ministry. He served the Lord with the love and fear of the Lord with a great passion and obedience. After seven years of the full time ministry, he left the country for the United State of America as a fulfillment of what the Lord spoke to him earlier in the past.

In the USA, God opened doors for him to serve in churches in Philadelphia PA and Washington DC metropolitan area. While serving at church as a staff member, Hailu has been working towards his Bachelor degree in theology at NBCS.

After years of serving Him wholeheartedly, he got the call to step out by faith to respond to the specific calling of the Holly Spirit towards the works of the Lord. In obedience to a call on His life, Hailu launched Hailu Yohannes Ministries (HYM) in 2009.  HYM is a prophetic teaching ministry with a mission to equip the body of Christ for total transformation towards conforming into His image.

One of the things that Hailu always says, is “Nothing is more important than taking the word of God as it is written and taking the Lord Himself at his word”. As a founder of the Hailu Yohannes Ministries (HYM), he takes every opportunity to teach the people of God, focusing on the identity that has been given to anybody who is born of God.

Hailu is happily married to Aster Negash and has two adorable children, Ezra and Benjamin and presently resides in Maryland.


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